Extent V.I.P Recordings Podcast Episode 7 / Mixed By Antagonist

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    Extent V.I.P Recordings Podcast Episode 7 / Mixed By Antagonist

    The Extent recordings group are back again with a heavy duty dark industrial rolling underground drum&bass podcast mix ,episode7, featuring just one of our fresh artist to be signed to the vip group of Extent.

    In this episode Antagonist is bringing some serious darkness to the table including his forthcoming tracks, soon to be released on Extent vip among other artist within the group .


    Hailing from Manchester UK and proud, Antagonist has been involved in music since a young age (now 22), first teaching himself to beatmatch on belt drive turntables at the age of 15 he got into music the proper way, for the love of the turntable culture.
    After mixing through several genres of music, being involved in pirate radio stations and even running his own station at 16/17 , he felt the need to progress a lot further from the music being not just a hobby too him.
    Although Antagonist didn't start out his career with drum&bass music,he soon fell in love with the culture and the sound, it was fresh and unique to his ears.
    Antagonist has been djing at club level for 5years, playing under several alias at various venues , festivals, parties across cities in the north of the UK. Playing at well known & established events and venues such as Hit&Run, Fac251, Sankeys, Custard Factory (B'ham), Beaverworks (Leeds), Pandemik to name a few.
    However, in the past 2years Antagonist has been focusing his attention to writing his own music,focusing on his own sound and industrial vibe with his music, keeping as busy in the studio as he can!

    With forthcoming releases on various labels & support from artists such as Skeptical, Amoss, Mtwn, Overlook & more, the future is looking good for Antagonist.


    Antagonist Twitter
    Twitter - @AntagonistUK


    Extent HQ Facebook

    Extent vip soundcloud

    Extent Recs Soundcloud


    Antagonist - Faith (Dub)
    Dub Phizix - Handmade
    J Robinson - Hollow
    Clarity - Off The Cuff
    Paragon - Heirship (Dub)
    Codex - Vodun
    Paiton - The Sketcher (Extent VIP Dub)
    L_33 - Expression
    Paragon - Abattoir (Dub)
    Antagonist - The Last City (Extent VIP Dub)
    Mtwn - ????????? (Dub)
    DBR UK & J Robinson - Garrison
    S.P.Y - Clouds
    Photon & Dissonant - Terminal (Dub)
    Nymfo - Underfire
    Antagonist - Judgement (Dub)
    Alix Perez - Myriads (Jubei remix)
    Stone - Street Talk
    Understate & Dissonant - Obsession (Dub)
    Spirit - Phoenix
    Bonus -
    Judge - Voyage (Dub) [130bpm]