exporting sidechains and bussing panned tracks


Sep 23, 2011
Right, two questions really. Usually i sidechain my Sub to my Kick and Snare, and when i finish the tune i export all the tracks into seperate wav files for mastering, so i export my sub seperately to my kick and snare etc, but doing this takes away the sidechain effect. How do i work around this and export both seperately so that they are still sidechained, tried solo'ing the sidechain bus with the sub and just muting the kick audio files but it still doesnt work. The other thing, i like to have all my hats bussed to one channel, but when i pan a few of my hats one direction and send it to a bus, they go straight back to the centre of the mix, how do i work around this problem? Would it be best to use the 'gain' control rather than the tracks panning dial. I use Logic 8 btw. Cheers!


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May 30, 2008
I bounce to audio often aswell- sidechained sounds included. All I do is have the bass sidechain to kick wavs on a channel with no stereo output. obviously you would arrange the muted kicks to be hitting on wherever your snare and kicks hit in the track. Just bounce your bass along with the sidechain track with no output and it will definitely bounce the sidechain effect.
As for the hats- that sounds weird man yeah maybe try panning them to the left or right using any plugin you have that lets you pan... if that doesn't fix it just pan them and then bounce the panned versions then bus the audio/??
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