exploring new territory


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I'm from Holland! As a teenager I played bass in an experimental Rock band and was mostly into guitar heavy music, ranging from funk, grunge to nu metal. I got into contact with dance music mainly because acts like: the prodigy, chemical brothers, underworld and daft punk hit "mainstream", or at least got programmed at the festivals I visited.

Then there was quite a large gap of about 10 years, lost all activity in music and felt out of place in the rock scene and festivals. Focussed more on gaming than music I suppose. Until 5 years ago my new girlfriend introduced me to 'hard' dance music. As a teenager is detested the hardcore scene, especially the commercial side.

I thought I'd give Hardstyle a shot. I had been toying with early trackers, some midi based apps like Band-in-a-box and had a casual glance at recordings in Cool edit pro, when I was in high school but never something you would call producing.

After roughly 5 years, I sort of have a clue about producing. However the 4 to the floor at 150 bpm doesn't really have any swing to it plus in hardstyle, The kicks are a full beat in length and eat up the compleet spectrum.

So I have an itch to do something different and felt like exploring drum 'n' bass. Hope I hit the right place.