Exploration Music Podcast # 9 mixed by F(7even/Transistor)

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    The Exploration Music Podcast is back after a short summer break.
    We are very excited to present a mix by one of the crew's favourite producers, F. Coming from Vannes, France and now living in Paris he's made a mark on the scene with his techno and dub influenced garage. After a few 12" on 7even Recordings and a 12" on Headhunter's Transistor, his debut album was released ealier this year to critical acclaim.
    Entitled «Energy Distortion» the lp was a mind blowing outerspace musical adventure, expect the same futuristic vibes in the mix featuring new F and 7even Recordings material as well as killer dubs from Boddika, Addison Groove, Peverlist & Hyetal and more ...
    Bon voyage !


    Exploration Music Podcast # 9 mixed by F (7even/Transistor)


    Dogboy - Vishnu (dub)
    Boddika - Boddika's House (Naked Lunch dub)
    Peverelist & Hyetal - The Hum (Punch Drunk dub)
    F - Slowdown (7even Recordings dub)
    Likhan - Boxin' (7even Recordings)
    Boddika - Syn Chron (Naked Lunch dub)
    Scuba - Latch (Will Saul and Mike Monday remix) (Hotflush dub)
    Addison's Groove - Sexual (dub)
    F - Odyssey (7even Recordings dub)
    Helixir - Summer Time (7even Recordings dub)
    Bloodman - Remote Viewing (Deca Rhythm)
    ENA - Instinctive (7even Recordings dub)
    Peverelist & Hyetal - Rrrr (Punch Drunk dub)
    PH2 - Fortress (dub)
    Model 500 - Starlight (Metroplex)
    JOAAN - Nocturnality (7even Recordings dub)
    F - Mind The Gap (dub)

    You can find links to all previous podcasts with tracklists on our myspace.