Exploration Music Podcast # 14 mixed by Dr Roots(Totaal Rez)


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Sep 16, 2010
Exploration Music Podcast # 14 mixed by Dr Roots (Totaal Rez Records)

Dr Roots from the Totaal Rez Records crew is in charge of this episode of the Explroation Music Podcast.

The label has been established in 2008 in Lyon (Fr) and has featured tracks from Salaryman, The Unik, mSDos, Digital Soap, Elisa Do Brasil or Mr Joseph.
Their catalogue showcases every sounds drum and bass can offer, from liquid to techstep, as well as electrostep or dubwise dnb.
Their last release, « Deeparture LP » (out 23rd of Feb.2011) will focus on french newcomerson the deeper edge of drum and bass.

The mix features some of the tracks from the “Deeparture” album but also some from Lenzman, Enei, Skeptical, Stray, Icicle and more."

Check out the Totaal Rez website for more information and clips on their past and forthcoming releases :

Stream & Download :

Tracklist :

Naibu – Along [Horizon]
Joakim – Be yourself [Totaal Rez]
Grimm & Nusense – Soulful Music [Influenza Media]
Madmen & Poets – Leave It [Fokuz]
Joakim – Leafprint [Totaal Rez]
Lenzman – Mesmerized [Shogun Ltd]
Notion – Woeful [Digital Bus]
Hobzee & Zyon Base – Black & White Movie [Influenza Media]
Treex – Let It Fall [Totaal Rez]
Enea – Jazzfreak [Basswerk]
FD – Third Glance [Critical]
Joakim – Low End Dream [Totaal Rez]
Seereal – Time To Get Back [Totaal Rez]
Tactile – Aldabra (Commix Remix) [Dispatch]
Stray – Can of Cancun [Critical]
Skeptical – Dream Police [Ingredients]
Flatliners – Bad Operate [Broken Audio]
Concept one – Lyre Bird VIP [Totaal Rez]
Morphy – Dusty Stylus [Morphology vol.1 Free]
Subtil – Tribe [Danger Chamber Dub]
Mindmapper – Resurrection Hub [Broken Audio]
Seereal – Incontrolable [Totaal Rez]
Silent Witnes s – Frozen Still [Triple Seed]
Concept one – Never Hear Again [Totaal Rez]
Andyskopes & Mr Joseph – Trash Talk [Warm Communications Dub]
Seereal – Zero [Totaal Rez]
Enei – Forgive Me [Critical]
Outrage & Digital – Final Demand (S.P.Y Remix) [Funktion]
Pessimist – Niche [Critical]
Need For Mirrors – Greazy (ft.Stapleton) [V Records]
Command Strange – Destruction [Citrus]
Rockwell – Reverse Engineering [Darkestral]
Icicle – Spartan [Shogun]
Es.Tereo – 2012 [Influenza Media]
Seereal – Outland [Totaal Rez]
Joe Syntax – Spa Town [Allsorts]
Andyskopes & Mr Joseph – Stalker [Warm Communications Dub]
Treex – Blue Submarin [Totaal Rez]
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