Exkursions 003 [EXKUR003] Elementz Of Noize / Soul Intent

Jun 25, 2014
Exkursions 003

A1. Elementz Of Noize & Infinite Leap "The Grand Escape"
B1. Soul Intent ft Sula Mae "The Fire"
B2. Soul Intent "Its OK To Be Sad Sometimes"

Digital exclusive - Elementz Of Noize "You Be The Rain, I'll Be The Clouds"

Green & Black mixed 12" vinyl
Mastered & Cut by Simon @ The Exchange

Pre-orders will be available via the bandcamp store in a few weeks - www.losslessmusic.co.uk

General release : 18th May 2018
Bandcamp release: 4th May 2018

https://soundcloud.com/lossless-music%2Felementz-of-noize-infinite-leap-the-grand-escape-exkur003 https://soundcloud.com/lossless-music%2Fsoul-intent-ft-sula-mae-the-fire https://soundcloud.com/lossless-music%2Fsoul-intent-its-ok-to-be-sad-sometimes https://soundcloud.com/lossless-music%2Felementz-of-noize-infinite-leap-ill-be-the-clouds-you-can-be-the-rain-exkur003


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Dec 1, 2013
"I don’t mind admitting Drifting and No Answers (which made up EXKUR001) were actually written back in 2009, and were originally signed by Darkestral, then Samurai but for various reasons the tracks ended up back with me. I personally felt that those two tracks were some of my best work so starting Exkrusions with those tunes made a lot of sense, and I consider the Drifting 12″ to be one of my best releases."
Interesting! I came across your tune 'Dark Robotic Orchestra' a while ago, which was also 'penciled for release on Darkestral', which you gave away for free.


Also, I have to attest that Drifting / No Answers are some of my fave tracks of yours.

Soul Intent

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Jan 7, 2008
Considering putting 'Dark Robotic Orchestra' on a future Exkursions 12" as it feels a shame it never got a proper release.
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