Exit records- Aptitude Mix- Skeptical

Tracklist needed but i doubt one will emerge. Tune at 12mins is dangerous...
niiiice, cheers myles

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anyone here going? im hyped but going on your own is a bit dry nah mean
skeptical couldnt have gone deeper if he tried... big set. could id maybe 4 tracks but nowhere near enough for a tl attempt which is desperately needed
well played.... inb4 bloodstream

oops, did I miss anything o_O


Thats some line up right there, cant argue with that. dBridge & Jon Convex (Damon Drama from Instra:Mental for the unititaed) join forces for this epic event from new promoters on the block 'Broken & Uneven' (who were also behind the We Fear Silence parties, so you know theyve got pedigree).

Skeptical will be performing on the night alongside partner in crime Dub Phizix, and he's rolled out a rather tasty promo mix to get you in the mood.

:D http://www.mixcloud.com/evil_concus...ptitude-promotion-dj-mix-april-2012-02042012/

all Infos, Tickets and DL are above into in the link
Dally - Techgnostic version
Consequence - Of Uncertainty
Loxy & Resound - Civil War
Jubei ft Flowdan - Say Nothing
Fracture - Get Busy
Marcus Intalex & ST. Files - Loose Control
Overlook & Photon - District
Mindmapper & Fre4knc - Dictionary of Dreams
Amit ft Rani - You look better dead
Calibre - Piano Bizzness
Little Dragon - Little man (Marcus intalex remix)

gotta start somewhere :teeth:
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what's that skeptical tune around 12mins? fucking heavy
The one with the middle eastern chanting vibe? I got told it was Clarity. Does sound like a skeppy bit though

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oh wait my bad, theres a skeptical tune at 12mins then the clarity bit gets mixed pretty much straight into it.
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