Exegene - Noise Corrosion CD - Macc, Alpha Omega, Cartridge, Jason oS, ICR

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    We've repressed the Exegene CD.
    Another limited run, so don't sleep.


    XGNCD001- Exegene presents Noise Corrosion

    01. Paradigm X - Malthusian Blues
    02. Cartridge - Suspicion
    03. Temulent - Angershine
    04. Malevolent Wavelength - Latin Roulette
    05. Dissident - Behind The Curtain
    06. Macc - It's Cold Inside
    07. dgoHn - Squish
    08. Alpha Omega - Flying Automobiles
    09. Bad Mammal - Knife Song
    10. Martsman - Roads (Sileni Remix)
    11. Beatokko - Going Beyond
    12. ICR - Earth Odyssey
    13. oS - Bears

    For audio clips, check DOA http://www.dogsonacid.com/audio/search/?action=search&formname=AudioSearch&RLSearch=exegene

    To Order:
    While we get a more organised shop on the go, the only way to order for the time being is by Paypal.

    Send the money to donate (at) exegene (dot) com. Please make sure your name + address is included.

    Prices: (all include paypal surcharges + p&p + free stickers)

    £6.50 - for UK orders
    £7.00 - for EU orders
    £8.00 - for Rest of the World orders

    Extra copies are £5
    add 50p extra postage on every extra copy ordered.

    Orders will be shipped the same or next day after ordering.

    .....and now for some nice words by Muttley:

    Contact: info (at) exegene (dot) com if you have any questions.

    Cheers all.

    Exegene is an affliate of Subvert Central:
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