EXE - M040 - Antagonist


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Jan 22, 2018

Rude, Rhythmic and unmistakably Mancunian, Antagonist brings us an hour of cold and moody clatterings from the world of Drum and bass. Our 40th guest for the EXE mix series is both a DJ, Producer and Promoter with work signed to imprints such as: Renegade Hardware and Samurai Music and is also the last boss at Discipline Records. As a promoter he brought some of the biggest names in drum and bass to Manchester for his event 'Pandemik' between 2009 and 2016.
Antagonist is a key player within the Manchester Drum and Bass scene and has been invited to play sets at some of Manchester's most Iconic drum and bass events, including Relapse, Soul:ution, Formless and Sector 8.
Kick back, Zone out and enjoy this slab of rhythmic audiology!


Presented Without Tracklisting. (White Label Ting!)
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