Exclusive promo from Kill Inc and DJ Mage (Kill Inc Drum & Bass / Wreked Records)

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    This an exclusive promo from Kill Inc and DJ Mage

    All orders will be sent in the form of a download link to orderer emails January 1st, 2010- limited to 500 copies, but don't worry- when the limit is reached, you'll just have to wait to buy it until it's official release date!

    Model: KINC012
    Artist: DJ Mage
    Music Genre: Drum and Bass

    Mage - "If I Could"
    Mage - "Movin' On"
    Mage - "Summer Love (Original)"
    Sequent Industry - "You're In Love (Mage Remix)"
    Mage and D.Int - "Imagination"
    Mage - "My Soul"

    There are only 500 promos available so GET YOUR COPY NOW!

    You can grab promo and listen demos there:
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