EXCLUSIVE MP3 LP Download: Mutt - Treading Water


Oct 1, 2008
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Mutt - Treading Water

Lets be honest, Mutt is the scenes upcoming brightest star. So Horizons music are very proud to put out this masterful release. Mutt first single "Dublites" on Horizons music was also his first single as a producer. He has also released "Nectarines and penicillin" on Horizons. It's fitting that he should come back and release his debut album on the Horizons music brand new imprint "Inside." The albumfeatures his best work yet. From the vocal uplifting vibes of "Feelings 4 U" to the bristol bounce of Just Met, the smooth rhythym of "Go On and Cry", Breakage influenced "Era's" and "Rumours" to the classy roller of "Big Lights, Big City". There is something in this package for everyone, and showcases the multi-faceted sound that Mutt has in his locker.

Download mp3 at http://betadownload.breakbeat.co.uk/lpsepslabels/insiderecordings/treadingwater.aspx :wave:
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