Exclusive:: Krs-One @ Sheperd's Bush Empire 08/06/05

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    I know this is a d&b forum but sometimes it's good to branch out & take note of where certain genres of music have come from & who the inflences were in these scences. Hip Hop has had it's ups & down & the recent years have seen the money flow, control, & corrupt many people within the industry but one man who has stood aside & watched from his own window is none other than KRS-One. Nicknamed the 'Teacha' for his thought provoking, political & down right straight to the point rhymes it was time for London to witness the man touch down on UK shores once again for another legendary night of entertainment.
    After a few strongbows in Carnaby Street it was time to head to the Empire in Shepherd's Bush the anticipation growing at each stop we hit on the tube, before getting pretty damn excited when we reached the large queue dominating the main doors. After swiftly making an entrance it was straight to the bar & to the main floor which instantly reminded me of The Coronet due to the way everything was layed out & that only got my appetite hungry for some more highs for this very special night.
    Up first was a brand new artist by the name of Jack Jones who bought a raw UK grime sound to stage which got the rowdy rowdy crew a little excited on the floor, working through some dark & stabby productions Jack Jones & friends hyped & interacted with the crowd smoothly to really get some people moving early. I only caught about 20 minutes from the set but from what I heard he looks to be a solid act and you could expect to see him with a full release very soon.
    The venue was filling up quickly & just at the right time as the next out was Black Twang!! Hands & heads moved so furiously in appreciation the roof almost came off & it was still only 9.30pm. Heavy tinged beats rained down from the PA & resights of Twangs rhymes were echoed from each corner of the venue this was a man who knew his work & took great pleasure in spitting to the crowd. Cutting from one album track to the next it wasn't long before the underground anthem G.C.S.E. was dropped & had everyone singing the artful hook. It felt like time flew by as Black Twang left the stage & up next came a US double act of which if I'm honest I couldn't see or hear at the time so I can't comment, tall people in the way & trying to find somewhere to smoke in a non smoking venue is damn hard task after one or two beverages.

    Now the moment had arrived the anticipation was fierce & the atmosphere electric so as soon as KRS One hit the stage the building blew a fuze. Heavy classic beats rolling through the murky system & cameras flashing from all angles, this was Kris back to what he does best REAL HIP HOP!!!! Cutting through tracks like ‘Mc’s Act Like They Don’t Know', 'Bridge Is Over', & 'My Philosiphy' the crowd were more hyped then KRS but that was shortly outlived as he dropped the ultimate 'Sound Of Da Police'
    After tearing the roof down 'The Teacha' got the dj to stop the tracks as he began to explain why he hadn't been over for eight long years & apologised but shifted a hell of alot of blame on the issues which are arising within America which he needed to help solve. Freestyles came with ease & a hip hop timeline tribute made even the most stuborn person in the place bow down to the sheer genius of this mans mind, & I thought the Westwood cus was just pure comedy genius.
    Now I was beaming from ear to ear with sheer excitment while Wild Style’s Busy B warmed up one side of the crowd & KRS-One took control of the other & begun his legendary 'The Real Hip Hop Is Over Here' chant, which built chapter 2 beautifully as out stepped the Germany breakdancing champions. Solid movement & furious spins & crazy dance moves let Kris & the dj battle against each other for 15 minutes, visually this was a real treat for everyone but the other bonus we got given was the beatbox king Rahzel. Out he stepped fresh from doing a few other UK gigs he busted straight into his mechanical flow & 42 piece music box vocals which kept the crowd on their feet & KRS-One skitting & hyping as much as he could. This show just couldn't get any better as more classics fell from the speakers, from the anthem 'I'm Still no1', to the chant tastic 'South Bronx' this gig had everything & more. As the hour was fast approaching the music slowed down & the real MC stepped up 'wo what is this, yo I've just been handed this piece of paper, the buildings given me an extra 30 minutes' BOOM a volcano just erupted in Sheperd's Bush lock the doors this is going on all night. By now nobody was standing still or sitting down everyone had hands in the air to 'Criminal Minded', 'Outt of Here', & my favourite 'Step Into A World'

    A show that seemed to last a lifetime & will last a lifetime due to the sheer quality of the man & legend KRS One. Bow down to the real Hip Hop because he was over here.

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