Exatron EP available now fet I.N.C


bizz handler

I.N.C is a Dj producer hailing from out of Hungary who works day in and day out working on some of the most sought after drum & bass music you will hear globally and has landed again with an outstanding EP that only consists of deep dark and dangerous vibes I.N.C works among some of Hungary’s top producers out there also being inspired by the mighty Spinline who he has very close ties to and guidance ,also another of Hungary’s outstanding producers NFR who is also signed to the Extent group with releases due soon ,I.N.C is a great example of what us at Extent are all about and that’s helping the new up n coming talent get the exposure they deserve and then to watch them grow throughout the drum & bass scene which is very inspiring for us as a label
I.N.C is a exclusive artist to the Extent recordings group and has been with the label since the earlier days from when Extent was first founded back in 2009. He also had a great release from the group last year with the Mysteries EP that was also a wiked release and will be moved from our back log of releases onto our new stores soon so keep a look out for that if you missed out back then.

I.N.C is a very diverse artist and you will find he can adapt to the future sounds that we look for within the label all the time ,we like to think he is very original with the sounds he creates and most definitely has his own style of production.

I.N.C plays alot all over his home country and is a respected name in his part of the globe is now expanding globely and we expect you hear n see his face around the scene alot more.



Also available from all major download stores on the net.

We have provided listening links from all 4 tracks from this EP right here on the soundcloud for you to checkout.

1. Exatron

2. Under attack

3. Camel ride

4. Data flow