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Swindler here from Ex Machina Recordings with some release news:
Check out our brand of dark, ruff & raw Drum & Bass.

EMR07 Artemisia feat. Parallax Breakz – Informational Chaos EP
Ukrainian producer Artemisia’s debut release on Ex Machina features a mellower and smoother approach to Drum & Bass yet it still delivers enough punch to be considered an Ex Machina release. Njoy!

EMR06 ValkyR – Enter the Game EP
French producer ValkyR graces the label with his own unique style of dark genre-bending breakbeat music. The EP title reflects that Ex Machina is going to be expanding it’s horizons in embracing more unique dark styles in the near future, while still keeping it’s focus on the filthy Drum & Bass beats.

Also out and ready for your listening pleasure:
EMR05 KZSS & The Collaboration – The Divine Hour EP
EMR04 Core Corp – Sin Eater/Incubus
EMR03 BlackCode feat. Synthetic Violence – Techno Soul EP
EMR02 Grindbox, Vase & MNK – Copy Paste/Bite VIP
EMR01 OTM – World Unknown EP

These are OUT NOW and you can grab them from:

Beatport Machina Recordings&contextEntityId=14715
Chemical Records
iTunes and other online retailers

If you are into those tunes, we have much more coming in the near future:
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