Ewok's debut release - Out Today on AutomAte!


Raw, dark, atmospheric Ewok creates music with a paranoid vision of a distopian future. Influenced by early dark jungle, industrial techno, science fiction and tribal rhythm, he sets out to create a journey and atmosphere that transports you to the world inside his imagination.

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Juno - http://bit.ly/1uO2qCV
iTunes - http://bit.ly/1tgfnRZ

Cry Of War is buried deep in the techy, dark traditions of old school DnB, marching fearlessly into conflict, bass proudly leading an army of drum breaks to the edge of the battlefield before charging toward our soon-to-be-conquered foe.

Frontline is a more contemporary, head-nodding, foot-tapping groove. Equally at home on the headphones or in the dance, there is a spring in its step that belies its simplicity.

Supported by Ink, June Miller, EBK, Gremlinz, 2Shy, Philth, Spindall, Fre4knc, Rogue State (Translation Recs), Bladerunner, Kane, Candon Rush, Dominic Ridgway, Mauoq, Bad Education and a bunch of other folk. Repped on Bassdrive, Origin FM, Flex FM, Rude FM, Kool FM.

For more information or a press pack, contact info@automatednb.co.uk