Evolving, atmospheric synths in Reason


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All I can think of basically for some of what i heard, is to right-click on the unit (NN-19,etc), go down to "create" , and add the UN-16 Unison unit...I usually set the wet/dry at 64 for start and then mess with the detune a bit to see if it helps get the sound ya want..that's kinda basic I know..also can add the 2-band eq as well and mess with the gain as well as the unison unit and see if you can get it to sound loud or low enough to work in the track..
I've been usin' Reason since Jan.2007, but alot of it is just me tryin' it out, hit and miss stuff. I'm sure you'll find what you're lookin' for, and no doubt someone on here will have a more complex answer to help ya out.