Evil Snails

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snails have taken over my 'ol man's fish tank!!!

he didn't put any in there, they just appeared!

right now, what they do is slowly climb to the top of the fish tank (up the side or on the plants) and when the fish get fed, the snails jump on it!! and weigh it down to the bottom.. then they eat it!!

i personally think its great that a load of snails are working together to destroy the bigger enemy (y) but my 'ol man is a bit liberal and wants to save his fish.. how can we do this??



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Nov 9, 2007
snails aree a pain. cause they all come out when its been raining and then get stood on. hate standing on the things and hearing them crunch. yuk. anyway castel i suggest your father just remove them from the tank?


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Feb 8, 2002
i used to be just as perplexed with fruitfiles, i was like ok so at some stage in the process of decompostition food turns into fruitflies and flies away. just as it turns into corpse worms at some stage shortly after. fact of the matter is all foods are full with fruitfly eggs and i dread to think where the worms spawn from
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