Evil Quest - No Boundaries e.p ((out now))

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Oct 26, 2006
Hello Dnbforum , hope everyone is well.

Just a little promotion here for the evilquest e.p on skimrok called 'No Boundaries e.p'

You will be able to purchase tracks from the e.p or the complete e.p from april the 6th 2009 ((out now)) , You will be able to find the e.p at all good online stores.

High Off Love - Liquid leaks out all over this intro , smooth keys take you on a little trip before the big bad bass comes and gets ya!!!! Danger danger this ones trouble in the dance..

The Speech - Bleepy sounds and atmosphere roll out with a very tight percussive intro , the drop is pure jump up madness and has been crafted to shake the floor , one for the jump up crew indeed.

No Boundaries - Amen filled beats and dark intro start this track off which soon leads into a big drop of big warping verbs of bass, A rolling amen track with acid warped basslines being the only discription for this badboy , a track for the heads as its been said.

Whats your name - Another smooth intro on this one leading up to some strange sample of name asking ?!?! , then the drop - well the first part of the drop is a big tear out bassline rolling with intro keys still in hand and then - Bang half way into the drop it switches to some nasty ass big bass (thats the only way we could discribe it)

Links to audio / buy :

Drum&bass Arena :

Juno :

Nu urban music :

Track it down :

Napster :

Plus many mores good online music sites shall have the e.p to purchase.

Thanks for your time and support
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yeah been waiting to hear something from him sweet

Also keep your eyes out for futher evil quest releases and evil quest related tracks this year..

EvilQuest - Electro Magnetic - SubFuzion (out now)
EvilQuest - Native Ghosts - Subfuzion (out very soon)
EvilQuest - Call the undertaker - Subfuzion (out very soon)
Jammo - Usual Alternative(evilquest rmx) - Skimrok (Date TBA)
Kenny Ken - Ragga rave (evilquest rmx) - mix & blen (TBA)
EvilQuest - Unkown title - Skimrok (SKIM008 TBA)
EvilQuest - Shark(shookz rmx) - Skimrok (Date TBA)
EvilQuest - Never Seen(Jammo rmx) - Skimrok TBA

And if you have missed any , heres his back cat:

MTR002 - EvilQuest - No Gal Tune / The Plan 12" 2008
NU-DIG000812 - EvilQuest - Shark DD 2007
SPDJ005 - EvilQuest - Sound Technique -DD 2007
SKIMDIG001 - EvilQuest - Never Seen - DD 2008
SKIMDIG002 - EvilQuest - No Room In Hell - DD 2008
SKIM006 - Malfoy Pureblood / Bravestar (EvilQuest Remix) 12"2008
STC2003 - Gilly Gee - Yeti Step / Scrapmetal 12" 2003 (first release under the Gilly gee name)

And of course the no boundaries e.p :spam_sign
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The e.p has been doin rather well so we thought we would give it another bump , If you have not heard the tracks yet theres plenty of links to the audio around..

Thanks for your time and support

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