Eveson "Archangel / Tempest" [Mars Recordings]

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    We’re very pleased to sign a 12” by Eveson on Mars Recordings. He has been releasing drum & bass for 7 years and is in a rich vein of form.
    “Archangel” has a very classic feel to it, with huge bass drops & rolling amens, the vibe is electric and has been supported by almost every dj who has been sent it.
    “Tempest” is Eveson on a musical journey, sounding like what we reckon drum & bass would, had it been made by Radiohead.

    “Archangel is a dance floor banger!” - Digital
    dj support: Simon Bassline Smith, Digital, Storm, Klute, Bailey, Logistics, Flight, Jubei

    release date: 20.10.14

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