A Mockery of a Travesty
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They told me the publishing department have got their hands full.
The track must be cancelled, they can't clear the sample.
But i could care less about your politicking.
Its not my dick in the A&R's mouth wanting the top position.
Industry heads have really altered the game.
All in the name of corporate gain.
Now every rappers got a ball and a chain.
Walking round in handcuffs, with loan debts close too declaring themselves bankrupt.
And its a far cry for the four elements, the economic influence was never more evident.
But on the flip of that all i wanna do is rhyme.
But through the grime, its hard to find some music time.
So here it is for just five minutes, listening to Stylistics, my eyes tight shut as i vibe with it.
And if my life finished after this song, then this here is the legacy that carries it on.

When i was eleven all i did was just rebel from my parents.
Now i'm downstairs flipping through their 12's and their 7's.
Live at the monday market tryna find me a bargain.
Real soul i was brought up on Diana and Marvin.
And theres no sound like Motown on seven inch, well, until the eighties came and they were messing with synths.
And that organic sound got slept on, thats kinda like hip hop now, i stop and think what went wrong.
Maybe i'm head strong, stuck in my ways.
Maybe i should quit and give my time to something that pays.
But its the current under my wave.
And as uncomfortable as this hunger is, i love it and i couldn't escape.
Funny how my mother thought it was a teenage phase.
But she didn't feel what i felt when them DJ's played.
She didn't sit with them headphones for three days straight, it was me that witnessed that epiphany take place.

I live a life like a pawn, to be king for a night.
Mad persistent, i'm so convinced im winning this fight.
Thats the difference, since i was beginning to write.
I've been devoted to fulfilling my ambition in life.
And on this road its hard to see the finishing line.
And i question why i wanna be a musician at times.
But my day job is so unsatisfying it hurts.
Cos id rather be sat in a lab, writing a verse.
But thats just how it is, 13,000 quid for a years worth of work, in mad 12 hour shifts.
Or a chance of chasing my dreams, to play the ace that i stashed away up my sleeve.
Thats up to me thought, i put it all on at the casino of life.
Close my eyes tight and i free throw the dice.
This is not just someone i can be overnight, this is everything, everything to me when i write.