Drum & Bass Everything to know when starting a Drum & Bass Project

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    Hi, i am starting to be really interested about drum and bass. I mostly use Pro Tools and Cubase and i create my synths and sounds with Massive from NI. I was thinking to start a new Drum & Bass project, but i don't know where to start.
    What type of things should i know about Recording a Drum & Bass song? ( vocals?drums?MIDI )
    what should i know in production stage? ( frequency used, type of synths, tempo in bpm, loop...)
    what about the mixing stage? how to mix a drum and bass song? it is still difficult for me to understand how to mix that kind of music genre ' cause i know dub uses a lot of bass frequencies around 20-60 HZ to give this kind of punch effect which you can really feel with good speakers. Thank you very much
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    if you like Emperor tracks, then you should watch whis
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