Everyday Junglist Podcast episode 62-NARC-Jawa

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    Now to the mix for this week, which comes from Jawa and is something different from anything we have done thus far. Jawa uses track titles, and samples to tell a story for this mix!! Here is the story behind this mix. An undercover Drug Enforcement Agent, goes deep undercover and gets hooked on drugs, he does every manner of drug that you can think of, tries to clean himself up, but is drawn back in. He is hooked on the thing that he has vowed to destroy. He gets himself into hot water when he stiffs some dealers and they demand payment, the DEA agent sees the error in his ways and asks his colleagues to help him out this jam. They score a major bust and a hero is born!!! Pay attention to the track names, and samples in this mix, they tell the story.

    link through the feed!