evasion - distant (clip) minimal

The kick is a bit too loud in the intro imo, make it a bit deeper to fit the theme. Some lowpass perhaps..
The bass is very cool in every part, but be careful that the sub doesn't kill your low-mids ;)
Lastly I would do something about the hats, they are soft, but when you hear them they are very monotone.. Could be some more variation there, maybe in velocity?

Lovely start, keep us posted! :)
thanks man! agreed on the kick, bit of lazyness by me, and im also struggling getting my head around automation in studio one, only just started using it.... all in time.

i need to get it on some monitors too, and figure out how to mono the sub too, will give the synths more room to breathe.. ;)

yeah i gotta agree on the hats too, i found the samples stuck em in and havnt prossessed them at all.
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