EuroTide- Opportunity


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not posted a mix in a while coz i didnt have any headphones.
probably not my best mix, a bit off with the cross fade in places but i think its decent.
feedback appreciated !


Sick of it All- Calibre
Soul Remember Ft Fox & Dub Phizix (Original Mix) - DRS
13 (Freeze Remix) -Fine Prints
Unspoken -Fields
You look better dead- Amit featuring Rani
Ignehouse - Anile
No Fear - Enei featuring Riya
Reflected - Fade
Safe House - Future Signal
Mob Justice (Enei Remix) - Foreign Concept
Riots - Marcus Intalex
Temper - Breakage
Start Again Featuring Chimpo - Calibre
Dilate - Amoss
Static - Skeptical
Gravitron - Hybris
Far Too Close - Mefjus
Lowlife - Cause4Concern
No Destiny - Break
Fidelity - Data
The Form (Phil Tangent Remix) - Hibea
Paragov - Calibre
Another Year - Anile
Kiss Me Kill Me - Triad
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really liked to the opening mix, hadnt heard the DRS tune, defo need to bag that
next few mixes blended well, with Ignehouse riding over the vocal of the Amit track was really nice, think I would o liked to hear a double drop, but still worked well
No Fear came in clean and tidy, although the Fade track dropped on the quarter but didnt ruin the mix.. from there it just rolled..
Mob Justice seem to go on forever, but Im not a fan of that track, although the Intalex tune made up for it and sounded great with the Breakage track, blended into the vocal from Chimpo was pretty cool then started rolling again didnt really know the tracks so hard to pick out, but mixing is well tight mate, blends are clean and thoughtout, very well done dude !