Euphoria 'Club Oblivion' (xx.xx.95) - Kenny Ken


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Dec 15, 2008
The tape i just ripped this from says Dance Trance but is from......

Euphoria 'Club Oblivion' (xx.xx.95) @ The Institute, Birmingham (i think)
Kenny Ken (with MC's GQ, Bassman & Lenni)

Im 100% sure it's from this pack (i just have the loose tapes)

Fabio set here

Have the Grooverider (with GQ & Lenni) .......Ripping next

JJ Frost, Doc Scott & Fallout tapes

Anymore info would be great
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These where some wicked nights at the Institute!!
Any more sets you got i'll have please!
I got the Strictly Jungle pack! :)
Euphoria Strictly Jungle '95


Darren Jay,Hype,Kenny Ken,LTJ Bukem,Nicky Blackmarket,Randall,DJ Rap,Ray Keith,Swan E,Phantasy,XTC,T Zone


Spyda,Bassman,Long John,Lennie,Conrad,Fearless

props to jungledon, for posting all this originally over at dnbarena including this pack^^.

Euphoria 1995 << think this is 2 packs jumbled up. (some of them are from the full pack above)

Ltj Bukem
t-zone - euphoria 1995
swan-e - euphoria 1995
randall - euphoria 1995
shock c - euphoria 1995
kenny ken
jumping jack frost
doc scott
dj rap, ray keith
dj hype
darren jay

Props to ironman for the strictly jungle sets.
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has or can someone down load the ratty set from the above dance trance pack...or is it somewhere on this site cheers gang
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