Euphonic 001 | 17th May | Amersham Arms, New Cross, London


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Euphonic launches on 17th May at the renowned Amersham Arms, New Cross.



Soul / Folk / Reggae / Future Garage / Dub / UK Bass

Thursday 17th May 2012

8pm - 1am

£3 Entry All Night









>Fille De La Lune<

A two piece acoustic band fronted by the amazing singer songwriter Sophie Brown and the very talented John Greenwood on guitar. With lyrics loaded with cryptic emotion and a breathtakingly beautiful voice with liquid fluidity, singer songwriter Sophie Brown is certainly a unique talent.

Fille de la Lune, as Sophie is better known on stage, hails from Bristol, now based in South East London. Her melodic intricacies are a result of wide ranging musical influences including but not entirely due to her Dominican and British descent.

Mesmerizing and delightfully infectious, Sophie's songs are an intricate balance of power and emotion. Her distinct blend of soulful melodies and graceful vocal flexibility, warm with jazz tones, is definitely an act to tune in.

Fille de la Lune is a resident at Proud Camden in London. She has recently released her outstanding debut EP. Which we at Euphonic have had on rotation ever since!!!



Described as slow moving and sometimes haunting, Vienna's song writing touches on the deepest moments of emotion, some from experience some from stories told. Vienna has listened to a large range of music and her writing has influenced and moved her into the folk scene causing her to look and listen to Folk Noir, Apocalyptic folk & Neo folk, assessing her own sound. Dubbed once as Doom Folk Vienna has continued writing and is now joined by her wonderfully talented sister on Cello, this has allowed her style to come out even more as Lydia is classically trained but knows exactly how Vienna wants her songs to be depicted. This can only get better with time.

Vienna started playing and writing on guitar after learning the basics age 15. Her song writing skills have always been apparent and her versatility have allowed her to produce an amazing range of songs.

Vienna has gigged and produced with rock/indie band Odysseus, writing almost all the lyrics for the three albums as well as Oddjob, 23 Frames, Nahwal, StarkDangerous, Paradise Scientist and Warsnare.


>Stark Dangerous<

A member of Roots Manuvas Banana Klan, front man Dave has been producing for more than 10years. His energetic performances are guarenteed to have any crowd jumping off their seats. His voice has a soft but sincere quality with what could only be described as a South London accent... a kind of Cockney and Jamaican twang that compliment the bass heavy music he produces. Dave has worked with some of Londons most original and best artists, such as Roots Manuva , Ricky Ranking ,DJ MK, .Jimmy Screech, Seanie T s



The latest producer to emerge from the music/art melting pot that is New Cross/Goldsmiths, WARSNARE has carved out his unique sound from the remains of pop culture. Having produced soundtracks for award-winning short films and AV installations, his sound is impossible to pin down, blurring the cinematic and the downright woozy with shards of disembodied R&B, footwork and whatever else takes his fancy at the time.

WARSNARE's debut EP was released on 'Shades of Grey' in February and received a great response. He has remixed tracks for My Tiger My Timing', Kate Tempest's Sound Of Rum' and Breton and is currently producing for singer/song writer Fille De La Lune' on her debut EP. The one consistent theme throughout WARSNARE's many endeavours is that it is almost impossible to work out what he will do next.

>Visitor Studio<

Visitor are a new creative studio built on mixed backgrounds in animation, design and architecture. They believe in combining digital and hand-made techniques, to create unique, process-led design.

Vistor has created title sequences and animations for BBC and Channel 4, and built sets and exhibitions for the National Theatre and the Royal Opera House.



Head honcho of Indecks Recordings, Skimo has rapidly made a name for himself as a rising star in the neoteric post dubstep UK Bass scene. Awarded best Unsigned Artist in late 2011 by the legendary Knowledge Magazine. His dancefloor destroying track 'Jump' soon attracted a lot of attention from magazines and established artists in the scene, soon finding himself featured in Notion Mag and on Scatcha DVA's Rinse FM breakfast show as track of the week. He also found himself featured on New Yorks premier clubbing blog 'Dont Sleep NYC' describing his tracks as;

'A homage to early Detroit sounds spanning a hip-hop wormhole to the time of Dubstep and UK Funky. Full of dark emptiness and rave edge, they fit nicely into a continuing aesthetic of post-noughties hybrid bass minimalisms'



The sound of classic rave music thrown into the future! Breakbeats, basslines, acid riffs, pianos, hoovers, ragga all chucked in a blender to make you go mental. Boca has played at the biggest and best events and radio stations around the country. His skills of getting a crowd jumping are second to none and he is a firm favourite of ours at Euphonic.


>Slamdunk Da Funk<

Sam otherwise known as Slamdunk is a seasoned pro at getting a crowd on their feet and a smile on their face. Playing an eclectic mix of Soul, Funk and Hip-Hop he is a firm favourite of the Euphonic crew due to his spot on selection and seamless mixes!​
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A homage to early Detroit sounds spanning a hip-hop wormhole to the time of Dubstep and UK Funky. Full of dark emptiness and rave edge, they fit nicely into a continuing aesthetic of post-noughties hybrid bass minimalisms
Please tell me you didn't actually say that...


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its laying it on a bit thick but pretty good advertisement, it made me want to hear his tunes immediately. but is on facebooks fortunately so i didnt have to. proceed to eat kitkat and drink milk. ignore work for another hour.