[EUG] Summer Blaze (6/07)**FREE**


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May 9, 2003
URBAN OUTKASTS Digital Entertainment Presents:
June 07, 2003

A free daytime event in downtown Eugene produced by URBAN OUTKASTS, the latest crew here in Eugene to promote and support the Jungle/DnB/Breakbeats revolution...
Come one, come all...enjoy a free day of phatty bass and chunky waves of analog heaven....
Deep6 ~ Dirty Jungle/Nuskool Breaks
(URBAN Outkasts ~ EUG)

Jade Bassix ~ DnB/Electro Breaks
(www.jadebassix.com/Lizard King ~ EUG)

Android ~ Deep, Dank DnB/Breaks
(LizardKing/MegaForce ~ PDX)
w/ MC Glitch (MegaForce ~ PDX)

Symbient ~ Chunky Jungle Madness
(I-Kon Records/URBAN Outkasts ~ EUG)

2 Funky Flips aka F^2 (aka SoulKid -n- R2 ) ~ Funky Breaks Tagteam
(BasZic Elements/NBA ~ SEA)

This show is to commemorate a scene everyone has feared dead and gone, but WILL RISE!! We at URBAN Outkasts are dedicated to making sure everyone dances their foolish ass off in any way possible...
This is also my boy Nemo's B-Day, so when you see his drunk monkey dance, stop and give him a phatty hug...I'll even play my "Ecstasy is being used..." track for ya, brutha...
** BLAZED ** Fire Troop will be representing the summer blaze proper!!
DanceSafe Eugene will also be in attendance!
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