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May 9, 2003
URBAN Outkasts Digital Entertainment presents


August 30th 2003
Eugene, Oregon

Outdoor Bass Madness for the Junglist and the Headbanger in us all!!!

10pm to 6am
$10.00 presale
$12.00 ATD


DnB/Jungle AREA:

Freya ~ Soulful DnB
(Hemisphere/Sublunary AM - San Francisco, CA)

Suff-X ~ Live DnB PA
(PictureofSound.com / Mutimusic.com - PDX)

Deep6 ~ Dark Jungle/NuSkool Breaks
CD Release Party - "6 Feet Underground"
(URBAN Outkasts/AJC - EUG)

Jade -n- Wikk!d ~ DnB Tagteam Set
(www.jadebassix.com/LizardKing - EUG)

Symbient ~ DnB Madness
(URBAN Outkasts/I-Kon Records - EUG)

Hardcore/HHC AREA:

NAHA ~ Nasty, Dirty Hardcore Madness
(System 6 - SEA)

Louis Cypher ~ Newstyle Gabber
CD Release Party - "Hardkore 4 U! Vol.2"
(Killer Bunny Records - EUG)

C.I.A. ~ Breakcore/Noisecore
(www.nwhk.org - SEA)

Little Terror - UK Hardcore/Nu Style Gabber
(Twenty-One Crew/Funshine - PDX)

Elixir - HHC
(Mewie - SEA)

Chill Area:
(sponsored by Museum of Unfine Arts)

Aypeks ~ Psy-Trance
(Aypeks Productions - Roseburg,OR)

more DJs TBA

Other MANIAKZ in attendance:
** BLAZED **Fire Troop will be performing to the beatz that rock us!!
Deep Down Sound & Lighting will be providing us the Bass to be a Maniak with...14,000 Watts of it!!!
Chill Area sound by Aypeks Productions!!
DanceSafe Eugene will be keeping us sane!!
Lily Vending will be cooking up some wholesome goodness!!

Presales available soon in Seattle, PDX and Eugene (We will also be doing presales at Summer Blaze on 6/7 in Eugene)!!
Limited Presales available after June 7th at the following locales:
Platinum Records (Portland/Seattle)
Zion's Gate (Portland/Seattle)
Stylus Grooves (Eugene)
Unlimited Presales available via:
Tickets available at all Safeway TICKETSWEST Ticket Centers, charge by phone: Portland 503-224-TIXX, Seattle 206-632-TIXX, all other areas 1-800-992-TIXX, or on the web at www.ticketswest.com <http://www.ticketswest.com>. Tickets are subject to convenience charge.

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