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Mar 21, 2002
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Essential Festival @ Aston Court, Bristol Saturday 4th May 2002

Oh My God!!! Legends of The Dark Black and Full Cycle at Essential Festival with a line-up that kills it! My first festival in far too long, and what a way to get back into it: the Full Cycle crew, Fabio & Grooverider, Andy C .... the list goes on!
Arriving at about 5pm, we made our way to the dnb tent with great anticipation, where Adam F 'longside McMc were causing Kaos! Now Id never heard Adam F mix before, and someone had told me he wasnt that good a Dj, so I was interested to see what he was like. Im glad to say......he smashed it! First off, the tune selection was untouchable...."Barcelona", "Rebirth", "Kloaking King" and the "Has It Come To This" remix got every person in the tent jumping, as well as plenty of anthems such as "Champion Sound" and Shy's mix of "Chopper". Secondly, I was well impressed with his mixing. Now, being a Dj myself, I dont just go to raves to hear tunes, I go for the mixes too, and Adam F did not disappoint me! A phat double drop of "Metrosound" and "Deadline", and plenty of quick mixes, topped off with McMc on top form, made this the best set of the day for me.
Next up, Andy C took over for a far too brief set. Now, I read in an interview not so long ago, where Andy was saying that he loves playing abroad cos in Britain he only gets to play for about an hour, two at most, he and feels that that isnt enough time to play everything he'd like to. So, you can imagine how he must have felt with a measly 25 minute set! What the fuck? Whos idea was that?? Anyway, he certainly made the most of it, dropping plenty of blinders such as Capones "Twist em Out" and my fave tune at the moment, Kemal & Tech Itch's "The Calling". Foxy by now had taken over mic duties, and was doing well in hyping the crowd. All to soon, and it came to an end, and as soon as the scratching started over "Thugged Out Bitch", everyone knew who was up next.
Now, I personally felt that this wasnt one of Hypes strongest sets, and his mate Mc AD sounded weak and unmotivated. But thats just my opinion and everyone else seemed to enjoy themselves.
By this time, the sun was starting to go down, and the weather was starting to get colder, which meant all the tents were starting to fill up, which can only be a good thing for local boys Krust and Die. Now I always enjoy hearing their back to back sets as your always garuanteed to hear the freshest and best of todays dnb, as well as the fact that their set marked the arrival of fellow locals Dynamite and Tali. This was the first time Id heard Tali live, and she was baaaaaad!! Blending soulful vocals with quick Mc'ing, she really got the crowd going, and when Krust dropped hers and Roni's "I Got Lyric", the whole tent sang along with her.
Now I dont know if it was just me, but their set seemed to go real quick, and stepping up behind the dex were the godfathers, Fabio and Grooverider. Everything you'd expect to hear from a Fab & Groove set was here: spankin new dubs and a few faves, but the fact that the two of them looked so damn bored up there kind of spoilt it for me.
Still, by now Moose had taken control and the crowd were lapping it up, which made way for the final set of the night, Roni Size. Now my only regret of the whole day was not being able to see the whole of his set, cos what I did see blew me and everyone else away! But unfortunately, the fact we had free tickets to the aftershow party at Creation proved too much temptation, and we had to drag ourselves away. After all, though, I had a fucking brilliant day, everyone else seemed too, and I got to hear that "Has It Come To This" remix enuff times, so it was all good!

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