Essenchal Mekaniks // DJ G-I-S // THOMAS B // TONIGHT!!!

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    DJ G-I-S - Nackenheim, Germany - 10pm to 12am EST

    THOMAS B - Atlanta, GA - 11pm to 12am EST



    DJ G-I-S, owner and main producer of Intransigent Recordings,
    has been spinning electronic music since 1992.

    Early 2000 he founded his own label Intransigent Recordings
    and released his first single "The Next Millennia" with the catchy techstepper "Up To You" on the flipside.

    His second 12" is out since May 2003 and features two dark amen smashers
    called "Mad As Hell" and "Murder".

    The new single, "Steck Der Zeiten", is a cooperation with Norman Wax
    and will be out in April 2004. This track has been played on dubplate by countless
    DJ's all over the nation, and it's a huge crowd favorite. The flipside features
    his remix of Lettuce's "The Lost Paradise".

    As a DJ, G-I-S is known for his intense sets including many original and exclusive
    tracks. He has played out all across Germany alongside DJ's like Aquasky, Cativo,
    Friction, Grooverider, Hype, Racoon, Shimon, Smood, SS, TGM and more.