Eskobar - Akira / Heavy Flo

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Jungle Hunter
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Beautiful jazz keys are streched epicely across the offbeat snares & sub-conscious riff that floats & melts easily between each chord change which is carved out. The drums are crisp & very well executed always shuffling & moving along with enthusiasm, making the track feel like it's got alot of shape & depth for the listener to engage into. Light cymbal rhythms are placed softly between the rough kick drum & lively snare to fill the space between the two, & add a nice platform for simple hi-hats to be placed accordingly throughout the intro.
Those traditonal bass grinds & huge timpani drum kicks don't take long to come into effect, as a simple hi-hat roll leads straight into the bass enduced lead break. Dark laughing vocals catch the attention briefly only to be catapulted staright back into that body shuffle snare pattern Eskobar has created, which is firmly aimed at the front row speaker lovers!! A teasing light breakdown is introduced pulling back the jazz riff from the intro but keeping those filtered bass FX's & deep kicks so no-one loses out on the two sides of 'Akira'.
If there still feeling this thenlet it run to the next build up as you will find some of the grimiest bassline action floating in the last 3rd.

Overall: 7/10

Heavy Flo
Now this I love!!! Sinister pads & sweeping melodies drift from left to right filling the high end of the tune but it's the initial drop I love just a quick bark of a dog & your locked for some Big, Bad & Heavy Test Recordings pressure! Manufactured hi-hats run at machine gun bullet pace, while fierce kick drums drop & pound always reminding me of Dillinja's 'Thugged Out Bitch' but with no female vocals & a more absorbing bassline.
Some well crafted drum patterns have been sliced & linked together to create new drops after each 4 bars & the barkingdog just makes me chuckle allday especially when Eskobar lowers it a few keys.
70's kung fu vocals & soundtrack hold the middle section of this track & gentley glide along a simple shaker pattern, not to overworked just enough to get that 30 second breather your gonna need.
Bailey's allover this one at the mo & I can see why, a really strong release from Test & looks like there going to be heading up the winter months with some real dancefloor numbers.

Overall: 8/10

Coming On: Test Recordings