Es kaye - Back up / Rubb (white)


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Jan 30, 2002
This is an apparently undercover effort from special K who's gone to HUUUUGE lengths to keep his identity secret now hasn't he? :D
Bascially it shows his inconsistency quite well. One side is real good and one is utter cack.
"Back up" is the badboy on this slab and is pretty much a combination of all the things i've liked about special K. It's a very rhythm based tune with a real simple square wave type bassline with a chunky as fuck beat and bangin bongos clattering away over the top. Pretty much the pick of the huge wave of special K/D'cruze tunes out there right now.
"Rubb" was just really boring. Really tame sounds all round, and I can't even remember what the tune goes like at all. If you're gonna chill it you at least need a strong melody of some really interesting sounds to keep it going.
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