typing as listening

drums sound tight, nice, dark and gritty pad. is there a drop? think that needs a bit more energy. really liking the fx! sounding big! imho there could be a little bit more percussion going on, would give it more energy after the drop also.
gets a little bit to repetetive. seems so at least.

breakdown sounds good, second drop could be more different from the first one, and as i said id say some more percussion.

its 6 am here tho and im listening through headphones so i could be all wrong.

nice track though! sounds wicked.
cheers man, yeah i do agree it does get a bit repetitive. tune isnt usually what i write.. bit on the light side haha.. so couldnt be arsed writing a proper 2nd drop lol (lazy i know)

anyway.. only one comment? c'mon dudes share your thoughts

i think i got the spatial panning just right in this tune. everythin else is just meh.

anyway, time to start on the next one!
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