'erb N dub' Urban Takeover Tracks. Preview.

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    Since January 2005 ‘erb N dub’ has signed to ‘Mickey Finn’ and ‘Aphrodite’s’ record label ‘Urban Takeover’. The 1st release of many is the anthem-‘New Era’. Available on the EP- Urban EP (Urbtake47) Spring 2005.

    New preview tracks. They are in Real Player format. Please leave coments, private message me or Aim Me. Safe erb N dub...

    http://www.dubplatez.com/acet8fam/Track/Backlash.ram 'erb n dub' Track- BACKLASH

    http://www.dubplatez.com/acet8fam/Track/Survival of the Fittest.ram 'erb n dub' Track- SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST

    http://www.dubplatez.com/acet8fam/Track/The fat Man.ram 'erb n dub' Track- THE FAT MAN

    http://www.dubplatez.com/acet8fam/Track/erb N dub Gas Chamber.ram 'erb n dub' Track- GAS CHAMBER

    http://www.dubplatez.com/acet8fam/2005 erbz/erb N dub Full Scale Assault.ram 'erb n dub' Track- FULL SCALE ASSUALT (BBC 1Xtra Xclusive)

    http://www.dubplatez.com/acet8fam/2005 erbz/erb N dub Stretch.ram 'erb n dub' Track- STRETCH

    http://www.acetaterecords.co.uk/MP3/neweraMP3.mp3 'erb n dub' Track- NEW ERA (MP3).

    Acetate Crew Web Site- www.acetaterecords.co.uk

    http://www.dubplatez.com/acet8fam/erbndub.html -Biog

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