Equinox - From Above/Together

Whichever nu-jazz club is playing these two babies, I want to be there. A pair of tunes that are just as smooth and soulful as you like. From above rolls along as nature intended between an etherial vocal and a comfy cushion of a piano lick which makes the tune cruise along along going nowhere and everywhere at once. It does seem minimal but this gives it a lot of added space compared to other tracks of it's type and the drums sound very live and lively. Chilled but euphoric.

Together struts along a more familiar stepping pathway rolling out a sub bass groove to be reckoned with and another vocal from another world. The emotion of this tune is just so homely and nice it's very hard not to like it although it may not appeal to the midnight dancefloors necessarily. This is a record that needs to be placed just right in a set otherwise peole could be heading off the dancefloor and missing out on some cracking music. This is a 12 that's all about the sunday afternoon spaced out mood with a beat that'll make you wonder how the breaks have been ignored for so long.