Equinox - Acid Rain(96 original)/Acid Rain(Breakage 47th Century remix)

Equinox strips down the essence of jungle, reducing it to it's component parts. The amen gets a good going over in this one as pretty much all of it's percussion is chopped and chopped again without remorse. This is preceded by a vocal sample saying "acid rain" over some strings before the mayhem commences. As the track gathers pace a rather low bass is unleashed lending the track some weight that your average darts player would be proud of. The drum driven forest becomes denser and darker as it rolls along, flanging out the rides before dropping back in repeatedly fooling the dancers in to a false sense of security. It's amazing to think that this tune was written on an Amiga in 96 yet it still rocks like a bastard.

Breakage takes the drums from the original and mashes them up even more. The beats are stretched to their limit as a wave of edits cascade from the speakers yet roll and flow so well. Even the sub is given the once over and taken down a level in to the bowels of the earth itself. As the track reaches it's climax Breakage appears to put the breaks through a cheese grater just to see what they look like and the result is an abrasive sideways look at rhythm but clarity soon follows. A stunning tune and a stonking remix.