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Discussion in 'Production' started by Krispy, Jul 22, 2010.

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    So what exactly is the difference between using "EQ Eight" (ableton supplied EQ) or some sort of other outside EQ application such as "Blue Cat Triple EQ"


    If both of them are EQ's then why would I stray from the EQ Eight supplied with Ableton?

    I seem to be having alot of problems with muddyness lately and sounds clashing... I need a lesson in EQing and how to do it properly because things sound like they clash but I can never seem to fix it properly. I was thinking if I downloaded a different type of EQing application that it might help me out in this situation.
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    stick with EQ 8 mate... it has 8 point you can use, by the looks of things this 'Tripple EQ' is more like EQ 3 on ableton (y)
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    ive found that diffrent eq plug ins can alter or have its own subtle sound, i would never use the standard eq's found in fl studio i use others but apparently cubase has some good standard ones built in. i cant comment on abletons eq as ive never used it . ive read loads of articles in the past that mention added couloration of the eq'd sound
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    I think the main difference between eq is the way these boost the freqs (by the resonance I guess), but you can use every EQ and get your own sound with it, you just know how to, and know it at max.

    Don't bother too much on eqing to prevent sounds from clashing, if these clash, and you try to eq the clashing freqs out, what you will get is a more subtle clashing but still will be there.
    I find myself often using EQ for getting the sound I want in an only channel, if that makes sense. I almost never eq one sound to stray it from the another (but I sometimes do when it's obviously needed).

    Hope that helped :smashed: