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Epidemic Recordings 003 - OUT NOW! - www.epidemicrecordings.com

A: Hidden Forces - Not Your Slave - preview
B: Hidden Forces - Not Your Slave (601 Remix) - preview

We bring back trio of Hidden Forces for a second release with Epidemic. Their tune entitled "Not Your Slave". The original is another of their style with a vocal hook, big beat, deep dark bass, able to fill any dancefloor with quaking organs. New comers to the market, 601, take a swing at the remix and add their intense drum crazy verison is sure to get the heads running to the decks!

About 601:

601 was born in 1994 in record shop in leeds ("Nail records,") after Sketchy and Sam Wilkes decided they wanted to explore more of this crazy leftfield dance music that was arriving every week. With nothing more than a four track tape deck and an Atari they created a demo that would get them a support at a local Leeds venue (The Duchess,R.I.P.) supporting popular world music dance act, Loop Guru. There was just one problem,they'd fluked that demo and had no idea how to produce a live show. Enter Nathaniel Slater, Nat had been a friend of Sketchy's since they were at primary school and even then Nat was experimenting with sampling using a ZX Spectrum. Now Graduated to an Amiga 500 Nat was already pushing the boundaries of what was capable with the smallest amount of gear (Completed by a Roland D-10 and a Korg MS10) and managed to pull Sketchy and Sam's spaced out sounds into the structures of ambient electronica tracks. 601 performed with Loop guru and impressed the band so much that 601 we're asked to tour with them. 601 released their first L.p."Motion archaos,"and E.p."Rub a dub" in February 1995 and continued to gig heavily for the duration of that year culminating in a white label release at the end of the year entitled,"Smash and Grab." This release was very limited but saw 601 entering the world of dance floor orientated music and their first fledling attempts at Breaks and Drum and Bass. In 1997 Sketchy formed a collective known as the Nu Step Kru with future Deep impact producers,Mark east and Sy Dyson this saw Sketchy and Mark get their first real taste of success in the world of Breakbeats by providing the entertainment at Various U.k. snowboarding events,and lead to their final gig together in Battersea Park,London at the Board X festival.Sketchy moved to London the next year and continued to write music as 601 whilst working as an MC on the hard dance circuit and appearing at the Solar eclipse festivals. by 2004 Sketchy had returned to his hometown and regrouped with Nathaniel (who had now devoloped into a full on production monster with a much better line in equipment!) to share what they had learned over the past few years and from the first session it was like they had never stopped writing together except now Nat and Sketchy knew exactly what they were doing and what they wanted to, Big breaks with funky heavy basslines. In 2006 601 have been more productive than ever gaining support all over the world and haved produced remixes for some top artists and labels. 601 have just signed a deal with Canadian breaks monsters, Influenza's,"Epidemic Recordings" for their track "FiveO." The first of many in the next chapter of 601's loud and colourful career.

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