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Nov 19, 2007
A thread got me thinking do they even make tracks with epic intro's anymore ?

Always been something I've enjoyed with drum & bass but it's something I don't hear a lot of anymore. When I say an epic intro I mean a track with a nice melody to it on the opening of the track.

Maybe there's loads im just not hearing them.

Im going to post some classics with one ive been enjoying just recent.

Whether you like the bit after the drop or not, surely everyone acknowledges the intro of this song makes it a huge intro track.
Agree with you Dagz. Hard to find something new that has that epic intro, good atmospherics etc as the majority of everything new seems to be a 32/64 bar intro with a beat.

There's alot the classics you could name with a great intro, but this for me is a great starting point for setting the scene and is relatively newer...


^ Started more sets than I can remember with that banger. Double drop Amit - Sound Warrior on the second drop for INFINITE SCREWFACE.
the majority of everything new seems to be a 32/64 bar intro with a beat.
Agree, 32bar intro, 64bar main part, copy & paste = 75% of modern day jumpup & neuro ;(

A new one that has a long and atmospheric intro:

Very positively surprised by viper with this btw ;)
doesn't fully drop til 3:30...that's more than half the duration of some of the entries in this thread...

Here's another proper lengthy epic 'intro'

but the one I was going to post foremost has already been posted. It is, of course, Om Unit - Adventures In Eden.
Completely forgot to put one of the all time greatest intros in this thread.

All about the whispery vocals going "Is he the one? Is he the one? he's just about to reveal the truth" followed by a thunderous barrage of drums. 10/10, can recommend starting sets with this.

Some great posts guy's keep them coming.

couple of epic intro's

epic intro's with melody

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