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    Epidemic Recordings 002


    A: Transformer Man - Dance Master (Original) - Preview - [​IMG]
    B: Transformer MAn - Dance Master (Influenza Remix) - Preview - [​IMG]

    Release Date: April 15th, 2006 - AVAILABLE NOW!!!!

    About this release:

    In recent years we've seen a ralley of releases from our man Edd Budynzski (aka Transformer Man). He's released on labels such as Bassrock, Unstable, Electrofly, and his own label Tomorrow Sounds! Basically if you're a fan of his, you probably have every single release up to date. He has a consistant quality about him, this time around is no different.

    This release is full of funk, as Transformer man delivers the new wave. It takes you from basslines, and ravey leads into stupidly funky riffs. A real dancefloor filler for those into tech funk! Influenza turns it around and blows it out full boar, into heavy atmospheric bassline goodness!

    EPD002 will be available on all the major digital retailers. Check your favourite shops after April 15th!


    Epidemic Recordings would also like to announce the all new Epidemic Recording & Influenza T-shirts!

    If you wanna rock one of these, click on the images and choose your size!

    We thank everyone for your support!