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Discussion in 'Classic 'Ardkore & Jungle' started by 1992, Nov 19, 2004.

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    I'm closing* this particular folder (EP of the Week) 12/31/04.


    Because of the piss poor response this and my other folder has gotten and because of the iffy legality of hosting full tunes.

    So enjoy the 43 days you have left to leach my files here.

    *closing = by closing I mean I'm deleting these EP MP3s. I suppose the folder will still be veiwable depending on what Stuart wishes to do with it.

    FYI: For a little while longer I will be leaving FBD Project "The Core" and Harmoney & Extreme's "Music" online since I seem to have permission by the artists to have these online.

    This folder will eventually evolve into something completely different in the future months.
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Thread Status:
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