EP for the week of 07/04/04: Kanata "Soul" Psychoactive

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*MP3s no longer available*

I haven't updated this section for a long while because I had gotten completely bored with doing this. However these MP3s have been sitting up here for many months so I thought I aught to link them in a thread.

This is a very unknown and possibly rare(?) record that I got in a trade from Dara of BBS. Its THAT EASYGROOVE TUNE that everyone on the back to the oldskool message bored was scratching their heads about for the longest time. It was featured in a 1993 easygroove set and it (Kanata "Soul") was the tune that had the hyper speed chipmonk going "Something for your mind, your body, and your soul" over a frantic amen break and an even more frantic synth that (to me) sounded like it was ripped from a late 80s video game. I think it was ripped from the arcade version of Ninja Gaiden but I'm probably wrong. In any case it reminds me of listening to the music I taped from that game and would listen to in the car (because it sounded better then popular music... the NGaiden sound track).

So now you all can listen to "Soul" in all its glory along side its counterparts which are a bit strange. This record was released as a "sampler" which is exactly what it says... it has a bit of everything.... gabba, 'ardkore... and goa trance... all from 1993.

The first track "Freaks" is pure gabba mayhem that only Lenny D would love. The second track is actually pretty darn good, "Kikapoo". It sounds like something from an old Frankie Bones set and it goes very well with 'ardkore as its quite fast (not as fast as "Freaks" mind you). The other Kanata track, "Somebody" is a happy piano hardcore track yet with a sample that talks about dying which is really out of place. The track also goes on and on, doing the same thing over and over again so it gets really boring. Finally the last two tracks sound like early goa trance to me as they're filled with 303s that are reverberated to hell and back. They're probably nice to hear in a Hugh Sharpe goa set but by themselves these tracks are boring. Even so, like always, I put up the full EP so you can hear what its all like (because I hate it when people don't).

Artist: V/A
EP Title: Psychoactive Sampler - 3 Kemisfears
Track A1: Cycloid "Freaks"
Track A2: Mayhem "Kikapoo"
Track A3: Kanata "Soul"
Track B1: Kanata "Somebody"
Track B2: SleepyC "Diversion A"
Track B3: SleepyC "Dimension 13"
Lable: Psychoactive Records
Catalog Number: S612

N-Joi :bump:

PS: In the future you can look foward to seeing MP3s of Harmony & Extreme's LSR007 ("MUSIC!"), LSR010 ("Love in my heart"), Krackpotz vol.1, Sorted "Pigbag (phantasy mix)", and maybe others.
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