EP for the week of 02/01/04: Unknown - Sound Scape/Unnatral Light MR1007

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Mar 4, 2002
EP for the week of 02/01/04: Unknown - Sound Scape MR1007

*MP3s no longer available*

The EP for this week is the first import record I ever bought. It was purchased, mid 1994 at a lousy record store in New Jersey called Planet X where the owner of the store had some sort of personal grudge against hardcore/jungle as he refused to stock the stuff untill I (and others) bugged him non stop. This was one of the first records stocked at the shop. Had I been older and more serious about records at the time I wouldn't have bothered going there and I would have just gone to Liquid Sky, Sonic Groove, or Satalite Records in NYC (which would have had a much better selection).... but I didn't.

Anyway... this was my first record and It just so happens to be one of the best hardcore jungle records I've ever heard that came out in 1994. Its got everything you could ask for in such a tune: chipmonk divas, raging amen beats, beautiful strings, great bass, stutter edits, and thats what you get. Such a tune wouldn't sound out of place in an LTJ Bukem set or a Slipmatt set as all bases are covered here.

Sadly this is a white label and so I don't know what it is. So far Jeff Hillman's "Raptures Discography" doesn't even know what it is so I'm totaly in the dark as to what this could be. Before DOA went the way that it did I was able to speak to one of the current owners of Sound Scape records and he doesn't even know what this could be as according to him hes not the original owner and the original owner didn't keep logs or paper work on the releases (which sounds a bit _odd_ to me). So if anyone out there who downloads this knows that this is, please do tell. I just guessed at the track names because that sample is in the tune. The "A" side has more of the strings but I prefur side "AA" as its more DJ friendly and fun to mix.

Artist: Unknown
EP Title: Unknown
Track A: Take Over The World
Track AA: Take Over The World (Remix)
Label: Sound Scape
Catalog Number: MR1007

N-Joi! :flowers:
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Re: EP for the week of 02/01/04: Unknown - Sound Scape MR1007

I like the remix better, amens are better and the sub bass doesn't clip out as in the main mix. I wish they had done something better with the 'ooh yeah' sample.

Thanks 1992 for more quality lessons in tune history!
Re: EP for the week of 02/01/04: Unknown - Sound Scape MR1007

Nice one! Dieselboy played the B side in his 1994 mixtape FSOH, but I had no idea what was it. So thanks not only for the mp3s but also the id! Seems pretty obscure - you're lucky to own a copy :)
By the way, the vocal is actually saying "we're about to take you into the world" :|
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Re: EP for the week of 02/01/04: Unknown - Sound Scape MR1007

These are the remixes of Eze G - Worlds Of Confusion on Unatural Light Records. The original was always being played out autumn 93 by the likes of Ratty, JJ Frost, Sy, Seduction, Ray Keith & Mickey Finn.

The original is on this release:

Eze G - Worlds Of Confusion/Stepping Up/Is This Music? [Unatural Light MRI003]
Re: EP for the week of 02/01/04: Unknown - Sound Scape MR1007

AHHHH ! That sounds so sweet, I have loads
of late 93 early 94 tapes with the original mix
of this on !
Most memorable ones are probably......
Seduction at Fantazia - the big bang NOV 93' &
Swann'e at Dreamscape 7 NOV 93'

I also remember Hearing Peshay play it at a
Rave called FUSION which had a weekly night
at a club called the rhythm station in Aldershot
throughout the early months of 94,it only used
to hold 800 ravers but had an amazing
atmosphere & some of the best DJ line ups out
side the bigger raves i.e..Dreamscape, world

Is there anyone else out there that used to go
to this ?
Re: EP for the week of 02/01/04: Unknown - Sound Scape MR1007

Great Tracks!

The noob
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