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    Sep 11, 2009
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    So here are a few tracks that i've been working on which are probably going to end up being some free ep...


    it would be great if you could listen to all three but... well here are descriptions in case you don't want to....

    Polished Pixels - A liquid kind of thing, which transforms into a dirty bass line. I had a sort of Mistabishi - No Matter What kinda thing in mind....

    I Don't Like Love - The fun mentalist track.... How chiptune's supposed to be! (Explicit content, there is a little bit of swearing in the samplage :D ) this is MEANT to be a bit of jk track OK!

    50p to try again - this was the first track i tried to make with this sort of influence.... i'm not a big fan of it... but its DUBSTEP, which seems to be popular at the moment... so yeah :rolleyes:

    Any opinions would be great, and i'm open to collabs/remixes whatever.

    Also when i post a new track should keep it all in the same post? Seems to be what alot of people are doing...
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    Feb 2, 2009
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    IDLL is pretty lightweight, largely thanks to the drums. One time listen, didn't have enough production value to pull off even a joke track.

    PP had some promise. Needs a better drop. No power there. Your drums once again sound ripped from loop pack 101. Need some overall levelling as well.

    Fitty p, .....i'm not sure what to think any more, Too drunk. It's ya bir'day, gonna party like.....

    Keep making tunes.

    And post each new tune in a new post, and not too close together. Best feedback results that way.