EOAD "Love The Feeling" (Ibiza 028)


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Mar 4, 2002
If your a big 1992 hardcore fan like me (and I know you are) you will remember this tune from the compilation CD called "Speed Limit 140+ BPM vol.2" The first time I heard this tune was on this CD back in ~1994 when my mother brought it back from her trip to Arizona. The tune had me in tears of joy then and it still does to this day everytime I hear it. I've been after the 12" ever since then and just this past Saterday I now have it thanks to my old friend Chris Julio (thank you!)

EOAD "Love The Feeling" (Ibiza 028)

This record has 3 mixes of this song. The main mix is the one that was featured on the Speed Limit CD. If you don't know it I'll do my best to describe it. It starts out with some nice bleeps, a 4/4 beat, and some chipmonks saying the title of the song. Then BAM it drops right into the hyperspeed high octave rave keys and then into the hands in the air piano where the diva sings "Loooooooves the feeeeeeeling. Weeeeee Neeeeeed Looooooooove. Ohhhh E Yeahhhh". Then its into the ruffneck breakbeats with some nice bubbling analoge bass keys. The tune just goes all over the map from this point while using the same elements I already described.

The first remix on the B side drops the 4/4 beats all together and just uses the ruff neck breaks. The main difference here is that the vocal some how isn't chipmonked rather it sounds more like the happyhardcore vocals that came out later. Also the main melody in this version sounds a bit like a goa trance riff. My first thought was that perhaps this mix was ment specificly for the Spiral Tribe DJs as they were big on this psudo goa sound.

The second remix on the B side drops the breaks and just uses the 4/4 beats. The same non-chipmonked vocals are used just as with the first remix. The most noticeable difference here is the different rave stabs. Here these smoother stabs are used to create a Ska/ragga groove which is very nice I find.

All in all this is a wonderfull 1992 record which I highly recommend! Yet still I wonder who the heck EOAD is... it doesn't mention the author on the label.

I rate this record: 10/10 (did you expect anything less?)
there was another eoad record on ibiza that is so dope, I cant remember the name, but the vocal said move me with the wave of love, and had this fat as fuck intro break, one of the funnest records to mix
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