Entropy: dnb mix by Dj Redrum


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Feb 27, 2009

1 Gridlok: Mass transit (Violence Recordings)
2 Break: Meridian (Hard time LP)
3 Spor: Stoppit (Lifted music 005)
4 Raiden, Current Value: RM Bleeps (The Firm LP)
5 Cooh: Morning cross (Down to zero HMSU000)
6 The Sect: Tyrant (Position Chrome 065)
7 Audio: Barricade (Tech Freak LP003)
8 Axiom: Cyberia (Syndrome Audio 005)
9 Dose (Black sun empire remix): Crash bunny (Juiceblender 2)
10 SKC, Matt U: Monolith (Architecture 023)
11 Phace: Tranquilizer (Psycho LP)
12 Nocturnal: Nightvision (Syndrome Audio)
13 Flame: The prey
14 RawK: Unusual day
15 EBK: Blackboard jungle (Fear no evil LP)
16 Psidream, Pacific: Runway (Nightfall Recordings)
17 Maztek: Connected (Modulate Recordings)
18 Noisia: Monster (Subtitles 042)
19 Konflict (Spor remix): Messiah (Renegade Hardware 65)

Length:63mn, Size: 115Mb

Great set! I cannot gush enough about how technically sound and how well the tracks flow. Redrum really knows how to select his tracks and blend them together so well. +1 Ownage

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