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Nov 29, 2001
Gasm Recordings and Taciturn Records Present


mixed by SWARM -(mason/ trust/ dstar)
Featuring 23 Original tracks from the Gasm Camp
Vocals by MC's- Armanni Reign and Sharpness

schedualed release: September 2003
on Taciturn Records http://www.taciturnrecords.com/

Check out the Sampler..this is a must..
skits and all kinda shit

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1- Intro
2- Lost In Bombay-Trust- Signal Recordings/UK
3- Zerosum Breakout- Mason & Dstar- Freak Recordings/UK
4- Stand Still- Swarm- Gasm Recordings/US
5- Ruff, Rugged and Raw VIP feat. MC's Armanni Reign & Sharpness- Mason- Freak
6- Give In- Swarm- East Side Records/UK
7- Good Times- Dstar & Sintronic
8- Fracture- Trust
9- Soul Sister- Swarm- East Side Records/UK
10- Chimeara- Trust
11- Dark Fire feat. Kameel- Mason- Gasm Recordings/US
12- Redeemer- Trust- Intasounds/UK
13- React- Trust
14- P.H.I.L.L.Y.- Trust- Gasm Recordings/US
15- Proper New Guinea- Trust
16- Pride- Mason & Dstar
17- Suicidal Life- Mason- Twisted Sister/UK
18- 3rd Identity- Ixis
19- Dilemma- by Design (Trust, Origin and Alder Rmx)- G2 Recordings/UK
20- Screwdriver- Trust
21- Firemin VIP feat. MC Armanni Reign- Mason- Bad Habit/US
22- Street Cred- Dstar & Sintronic
23- Troubled Youth- Dstar
24- Iron Curtain- Mason & Dstar- Intasounds/UK
25- Outro

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