[ENM002] • Noisia (Drifter) & Shanodin • 'Afternoon Delight' b/w 'Angel Eyes'


This is a new imprint that is as far as it gets from being labelled 'just another label'.
Engine have kept themselves in the background, but are responsible for some
of the freshest designs and identities of the scene's finest labels such as Subtitles,
Metalheadz, Certificate 18 and Piranha to name a few. Having strong ties with many
influential personas and building on this friendly relationship, they finally step forth
and bring you Engine Music.

Engine Music proudly present their 2nd release, a double A side by Noisia & Shanodin.


Side a.
NOISIA (aka drifter) & SHANODIN

Noisia, the distinguished dutch production outfit, team up with young dutch talent Shanodin to deliver a deep, funky roller previously synonymous to their Drifter moniker. Uplifting pads and strings set the mood as the beats filter in and the track begins to build untill one is dropped into a whirlwind of tight, crisp beats, driving percussion and sub bass. Just as you thought you got the hang of it the track switches up into a moody tech-roller with dubbed out percussion before one is taken on the whole ride again. Without a doubt this mix of bitter sweet will be a delight on any dancefloor.

Side b.
NOISIA (aka drifter) & SHANODIN

On the flip, again one finds the combined efforts of Noisia and Shanodin with the much anticipated Angel Eyes. Epic filmscore drum and bass at its very best. Enter: Noisia’s trademark heavy kick and snare combos, subterranean bass, intricate high-end, enchanting female vocal sample and epic strings. The stage is set to embark on an expedition through the highs and lows of uncharted territory. If Peter Jackson had comissioned a drum and bass score for LOTR this is what it should have sounded like.

Audio for both tracks:


Cat.No: ENM002
Promo date: 16.10.06
Expected release date: early/mid November2006

For more info: info@designbyengine.com

Manufacture & Distribution: S.T. Holdings Ltd.
t: +44 (0)1202 890889 f: +44 (0)1202 890886