England vs Trinidad/Tobago

Discussion in 'Waffle' started by Indi, Jun 16, 2006.

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    Well, for 80 minutes of despair come 10 minites of joy.
    However, the most crucial point of the game was not any goal scored, but that fucking save that John Terry pulled. Super Terry is a true soldier. Because of him, we must have the best defense in the tournament.
    As for the goals, it took 80 minutes of sheer frustration before it came. And none other than Robo-Crouch as well. Lovely headed, almost enough to forgive him for that fucking spaghetti leg attempt just before half-time.
    Gerrard's goal was smooth as, and was well deserved after nearly every one of his previous attempts were shot out of the stadium and landing somewhere near Russia.
    Rooney got on as well, and looked well hungry. For the time he was on, he probably did more work than anyone else on the pitch at that particular time.
    Well done England, top of the group with no goals conceded. That's all we needed to boost morale and do what we do best.

    PS: All the none believers have changed their tune now, ain't they. Crouchy scores first goal of the tournament.
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    england are boring to watch, such a good team of player yet boring as fuck, i will start watching again if we are at the qaurter finals and they all grow some heart and some balls.