\\\ENFANTS 2LA BASSE/// first trackz out now!!

Mc Kopat

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Hi everybody,

ENFANTS 2LA BASSE is a frenchy band with Yanneck-b at beats, Mc Kopat at mic, and Dj Magid at scratches. The band has just produced the first trackz of an album, which will be recorded on march 2006 and available on June.
You are all invited to listen to these brand new trackz and to vote for your favorites ones on my website : Mc kopat Website on AUDIO page.

note that you can vote for many trackz.

WARNING! this is FRENCH music, so i'm not sure you will like it but.....just try it!

And don't be shy, leave your criticism in the GUESTBOOK (link on the Home page)

Thankz to come listen!